Christian Journal
Cancer Patients 

A Diary for Cancer Patients to record their daily walk

Please do not read further if your interest is to buy perishables for cancer patients; a chocolate, a flower etc - which are here today and tomorrow they are gone. They are good but they are not the best.

Flip to another page if your desire is a temporary pleasure for your friend and not a memorable one. 

For less than what can be spent on the temporary gifts, this diary allows  the cancer patients to record their daily activities. Each day has a specific scripture for meditation on the healing power or the goodness of God. The Word of God is Powerful and sharper than a two edged sword!

It may be that your friend is undergoing Chemotherapy, they can record down their experience but also get a scripture for meditation for that specific day. 

Years to come, when the cancer is long gone - there will be a looking back and declaring "see what the Lord has done".

I pray the that the expectation of every cancer patient will not be cut short in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Christian Journal for Cancer Patients

God is in control...